​Let us pack you up an assortment of awesome ceramics to bring home and customize.

 * Each kit comes with 2 brushes, table cover, basic instructions, and your choice of acrylic or underglaze.

 * UNDERGLAZE is a special type of paint that needs to be fired in a kiln. When the studio reopens, you will return your project to the studio for firing. ( * Fired ceramics are safe for food & drinks)

* ACRYLIC paint is good for display items /animals non functional food items and will not need to be returned to the studio for firing

 * Make sure to choose which type of paint you want at checkout


Adorable Animals: $20 Each

Choose a background paint color + up to 4 Glass Tile colors & customize these trendy mirrors and frames.


Canvas kits: $25 for the 12" size or $35 for the 16x20" size. Comes with 2 brushes, paint, pre-traced canvas, table cover & step-by-step instruction guide to walk you through the project. See the design choices below:

Choices for UNDERGLAZE colors.

To Go Kits are now DELIVERY only. Mon / Wed /Fri

Call us boredom professionals- we know all too well the struggle of trying to keep kids busy when there's no school. We've created options so you can plan a moment of quiet creativity.

Shop for your project in advance -  we'll deliver straight to your front door.

​Each project comes with painting supplies & instructions. 
Canvas & Mosaic are non-fired acrylic based painting choices so your items don't need to be returned to the studio to be fired. 
Paint Your Own Pottery Animals / Display items can be painted with ACRYLIC paint which will dry to a matte/shine finish and can be displayed as is without firing. Call us if you need clarification.
Paint Your Own Pottery bowls, plates, and mugs will be painted with UNDERGLAZE. These projects need to be glazed and fired after you're done creating. You will need to keep your project until the studio reopens and we are able to fire it for you. 


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